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Meru NetworksMeru wireless LANs are specifically designed for environments where high-density wireless traffic depends on business-critical applications. These conditions first emerged in places where the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend is in full force and weak networks are unacceptable: hospitals and airports, universities and schools, hotels and other enterprises.

Today, the BYOD phenomenon is pervasive. In all kinds of enterprises, IT managers are finding that wireless demands are beginning to exceed the capabilities of their current networks-legacy systems meant for casual use and low-volume traffic. With the rapid consumerization of IT, they're facing more and more mobile devices that have to be provisioned and managed easily and securely. They're confronting high-bandwidth applications demanding more and more resources. They're struggling with the need to scale up an old network to accommodate the rising tide of wireless traffic and to accommodate users in many locations, from headquarters buildings to home offices.

They're experiencing the emergence of the distributed mobile enterprise, and the stress of an infrastructure that's unprepared. And they're turning to Meru for solutions.