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Airtight Networks

Airtight NetworksAirTight WIPS is the only true wireless INTRUSION PREVENTION system. Customers can turn on prevention to let AirTight WIPS precisely block only those Wi-Fi connections that violate their corporate policies or pose a threat to their network security, without affecting legitimate Wi-Fi communication on own or neighbor’s networks. Ironically, all competing (so-called WIPS) vendors recommend their customers NOT to turn on intrusion prevention with the fear that it may interfere or take down own or neighbor’s Wi-Fi network.

Some of its key features include
  • Patented Multi-channel, multi-threat and multi-level prevention
  • Equally effective on all types of wireless threats
  • Goes beyond simple de-authentication and uses several advanced prevention techniques depending on the type of wireless threat
  • Non-intrusive and independent of the switching infrastructure
  • Can implement "Geo-fencing" to enforce Wi-Fi and "No Wi-Fi" zones