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Gantner TechnologiesBased on these principles GANTNER develops and markets solutions based on contactless chip technology for different business areas.

"Everything with a single card" is the motto, because a single medium (chip card, bracelet, key tag etc.) is required in order to benefit from all of the functionalities that the GANTNER systems have to offer. From fitness clubs, where a membership card is used in all areas from the parking garage to the solarium and stores all of the contract details, to leisure swimming baths or thermal spas, where even the sunloungers can be efficiently managed by the GANTNER system. As one of the pioneers in electronic access control, GANTNER still focuses on the protection of humans, property and information through an efficient and easy to operate access control solution. Over time, the system has been expanded to include many features all the way up to video systems and the complete monitoring of buildings.

With GANTNER, you not only solve the organizational and surveillance issues of accessing, you also obtain a convenient solution for work time recording. And even better: The units display the time balances and important information, work in several languages, are intuitive to operate, and offer open interfaces for the easy connection of external systems such as SAP.