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F1 INFOTECH is the most preferred authorized training center for world class Hospitality & Networking products. Owing to the excellence in training, F1 INFOTECH is an emerging organization who believes in educating the end customer to handle operations with ease.

We have recently launched a training center to train INFOR hospitality software modules in the Middle East and India. This training bridges the gap of a user to use Infor modules to the fullest and thus optimizing productivity.

The trainings are conducted by trained and certified professionals as well as industry experienced professionals.

We conduct trainings on the following
INFOR HMS : Hotel Management System
Wireless and intrusion Prevention
Infor HMS Call Centre Management
Room Management Systems
Infor EzRMS : Performance Management
Building Management Systems
Infor SunSystems : Financial Module
IPTV/HSIA/Internet Billing Solutions
Infor EAM - Hospitality Edition :
Enterprise Asset Management
Electronic Door Lock Solutions
ION : Intelligent Open Network
Access Control Systems

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