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KasperSky Software

KasperSky Software Endpoint Security for Business is a platform which delivers a broad array of tools and technologies to enable companies to see, control and protect all endpoint devices. It combines its technologies and tools into four tiers, each of which adds its own layer of protection against cyber-threats. The first level, Core, contains award-winning anti-malware technologies. Next come the Select and Advanced tiers, offering modern endpoint control and encryption. Finally, Total level security provides the best protection for each area of the network - web, mail and collaboration servers alike. At every level the KasperSky Software Security Network provides powerful cloud-assisted protection to every component, and KasperSky Software Security Center tools help IT specialists to manage the whole company’s IT defenses from a single console.

KasperSky Software Endpoint Security for Business also features targeted solutions which can be added to any tier

  • KasperSky Software Security for File Servers
  • KasperSky Software Security for Mobile
  • KasperSky Software Systems Management
  • KasperSky Software Security for Virtualization
  • KasperSky Software Security for Storage
  • KasperSky Software Security for Collaboration
  • KasperSky Software Security for Mail
  • KasperSky Software Security for Internet Gateways

KasperSky Software Security Center allows organizations to implement a flexible, scalable model of antivirus protection management. It can operate on a network of any size, whether it’s a small group of machines or a complex distributed network. Easy to install, and time-efficient to manage, protection system management with KasperSky Software Security Center minimizes the total cost of ownership of any KasperSky Software Lab antivirus solution.