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Infor Hospitality is designed to address the specialized requirements of Hotels, Resorts, and Casinos, with a full suite of financial and operational applications that help manage a hotel’s manage both online and guest experience. Infor solutions helps hotel employees to focus on improving guest service and enhancing bottom line. Decrease costs, raise profits, grow business and build the loyalty that keeps guests coming back for more.

Hotel’s improve collaboration internally and externally, and get the added security of a PCI/PADSS-compliant solution.

F1 offers

Infor SunSystems (Financial Module)

Get a reliable, apples-to-apples view of financial performance across your entire enterprise, as well as the flexibility and control necessary to adapt to the demands of even the most challenging business environment. Plus, ensure compliance with hotel industry regulations and best practices.

Infor HMS Hotel Management System

Combine your front office with sales, marketing, and central reservations, and get a centralized, unified look at guests and business performance. Plus, decrease costs and get a quick return on investment. 

Infor HMS Call Centre Management

Integrate and distribute data about your guests, inventory, and rates across your company, in the process attracting more guests, decreasing reservation costs, and increasing revenue.

Infor EzRMS ( Performance Management)

Turn information into knowledge and boost profits with tools that support your strategic decision making and implementation of Revenue and Yield Management techniques and procedures on a global level

You can sell the right product to the right customer at the right time and for the right price with Infor EzRMS, which treats bookable hotel nights as a perishable commodity and helps optimize revenue.

With Infor EzRMS, you can

  • Maximize occupancy and protect rates when necessary.
  • Increase revenue by a typical 4% to 7% from year one with little outlay.
  • Create accurate historical, current, and future statistical reports.
  • Provide detailed demand forecasting information.
  • React to market influences with the help of competitor analysis on both the Internet and the global distribution system.
  • Evaluate the impact group reservations have on occupancy and revenue.
  • Assess the impact a tour series contract will have on your property.
  • Get access to reports and real-time information on a group-wide basis

Take advantage of these core modules

Database loading and consolidation

Forms an integral part of the modeling and forecasting functionality in EzRMS, and allows for highly detailed analysis of transactional data through a multitude of reporting options.

Demand modeling

Automatically analyzes and evaluates all property management system (PMS) and user data, and uses unique algorithms to create property-specific unconstrained demand models.

Demand forecasting

Provides up-to-date constrained as well as unconstrained forecasts of room nights, total revenue, cancellations, no-shows, arrivals, departures, and much more.


Solves your revenue-optimization problem with a state-of-the-art and proprietary set of innovative algorithms that optimally balance demand and supply, resulting in a set of controls and recommendations.

Controls and recommendations

Automatically translates recommendations into controls for all interfaced and non-interfaced systems in order to ensure seamless optimization of all distribution channels.

Infor EAM: Hospitality Edition (Enterprise Asset Management)
  • With Infor's hotel engineering software, you can
  • Proactively maintain your assets.
  • Manage incidents.
  • Implement new green initiatives.
  • Increase worker productivity.
  • Improve guest satisfaction.
  • Our engineering solutions include
Infor EAM Enterprise Asset Management

Take asset and incident management deeper than just looking at a calendar or responding after an asset's already failed. Log and track maintenance incidents, everything from daily activities like unclogging a sink or changing a light bulb to special projects like remodeling a wing of rooms. Also track your entire organization's assets so you won't have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, workarounds, and customer satisfaction adjustments or credits because your HVAC or laundry unit fails. With EAM, you'll get fewer out-of-service calls, decrease costs, and drive profits and growth.

ION (Intelligent Open Network)

Infor ION provides the connective fiber at the core of the suite architecture, using the power of the cloud to help change the way you work and make speed a competitive advantage.

Infor ION enables intelligent business operations by simplifying integration between disparate systems, while combining contextual business intelligence, common reporting and analysis, streamlined workflow and business monitoring in a single, consistent architecture. The solution also unifies reporting services, mobile services, and cloud services into one elegant network built on four principal elements

Infor ION Workflow 

Get a framework to create, standardize, and monitor business processes, and make changes without needing IT involvement.

Infor ION Event Management

Take a proactive approach to identifying and resolving problems with rule-based notifications and alerts that are automatically delivered to the employees who need them.

Infor ION Pulse

Get a flexible, lightweight messaging system that moves information through the ION network between your connected applications and components of the ION system, allowing your systems to work together more effectively.

Infor ION Technology Connector

Integrate Infor and non-Infor applications with minimal effort and minimize the disruption and complexity of upgrades by decoupling your integrations.